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Yigal Ozeri / 21.2.20 – 28.3.20

Liberated Paper


Graphiken und Unikate auf Papier


21. Ferburar – 28. März // February 21 – March 28


The vernissage will take place on February 20, 7 pm at the Galerie Raphael. You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition. The artist will be present.



With the exhibition Liberated Paper, Galerie Raphael presents the graphic work of Yigal Ozeri. This is not only his first solo exhibition in Frankfurt, but also the first exhibition ever that pays tribute not only to his paintings, but espacially to his graphic work.

The Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri, who now lives and works in New York, is especially known for his hyperrealistic oil paintings. Women are the main motif of his works: Women as seducers, thoughtful women, vulnerable women – but always women as strong personalities.

Ozeri has expanded his sphere of activity and has intensively studied the medium of printmaking in recent years. He is following this path together with Gary Lichtenstein, an expert in the field of screen printing. Ozeri and Lichtenstein have chosen screen printing as the ideal translation of Ozeri’s painting into printmaking. The two of them have succeeded in implementing hyperrealism as an artistic discipline, in silkscreen printing.

Galerie Raphael is pleased to present Liberated Paper, a comprehensive overview of the artist’s graphic work.