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Christos Voutichtis

*13 Januar 1986 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Christos Voutichtis is an architect and artist specializing in sculpture and new media. He studied physics, architecture and art in Germany. After his architectural studies he worked for 10 years in architectural offices in Frankfurt, Milan and London.


In addition, he taught architecture at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main together with his close friend and long-time companion Theodore Spyropoulos, who teaches as a professor at the renowned AA School in London. Voutichtis has been developing his project U.R.M.A since 2013 until today, which deals intensively with the meaning of borders. This exploration is done in the form of cross-space installations, paintings, and media works. The American philosopher and media theorist Alan N. Shapiro, mentions Voutichtis in one of his essays as a pioneer of Interspace Art (art between borders).


Born in Frankfurt in 1986, the artist grew up on the Greek island of Lesbos and returned to Germany in 1999. Currently the artist lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.