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Bernard Pras

*22 March 1952 in Roumanzières-Loubrt, France


Bernard Pras creates photographs of three-dimensional room installations made up of an amalgam of objects such as consumer goods, the staples of daily life, textiles, packaging, trash, natural produce, architecture, and more. The results are colorful, often humorous compositions, which lead the observer?s eye unremittingly into a confusion of perspective.

The first step in Pras? creative process is always to work out the subject on canvas. In his first rudimentary and later elaborate oil sketches, the artist adopts a motive and decides on the color scheme and other compositional details. In the next phase, Pras begins to put together objects for the installation. During this phase, he aims to establish a thematicism that will carry into the final work. Pras? final step is to put together the installation. Depending on its size and composition, this might take place in his Parisian studio or, if necessary, outdoors.

When he creates the installation, the planes of vision within the images shift, and the artist creates a trompe l’ oeil effect by manipulating the depths and playing with each successive plane of vision. In order to get the final two-dimensional picture, Pras positions his camera at the single exact focal point that allows him to decrypt the pile of objects and yield Louis XIV, Bruce Lee or Albert Einstein.