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Pierre-Marie Brisson

*11 June 1955 in Orleans, France


The French painter and printmaker Pierre Marie Brisson (June 11, 1955) from Orléans already knew at a young age, when he was 14, that his vocation was to be an artist. As an autodidact, he never underwent academic training as a painter, but rather his strong interest in antiquity, museum visits and books influenced him. Since 1975 until today Brisson exhibits his art in galleries in different countries. In 1979 he moved to Paris and began to produce etchings in the Pasnic printing studio using the carborundum technique. Besides painting, his passion is dedicated to the medium of printmaking.


Brisson’s art is inspired by his fascination for art history. Thus there are signs of antiquity, approaches to Roman frescoes and memories of the formal language of past times. The artist also finds these impulses in classical modernism, especially in Matisse, whose palm leaves and dancing figures appear in Brisson’s work from time to time. Brisson implements all these references to the past in such a skilful manner and with such a great deal of skill that his works are both contemporary and at home in modernism.