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P I C A S S O | 11.09.-24.10.2015

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso created an astounding printed oeuvre, from his earliest Saltimbanques of 1904 until the Suite 156, completed a year before he died at age 91. For the exhibition Picasso - Modern Master Printmakers III from 11.09.-24.10.2015 we brought together a comprehensive, well-chosen selection of his printed works.

Picasso not only masters every technique of printing he approaches, he appropriates it, reinvents it and breaks through all artistic boundaries. From the subtle alchemy of sugarlift aquatints to the raw craftsmanship of the linocuts, Picasso – in print as in life – never ceases to explore. Often unashamedly autobiographical in nature, Picasso deals in his prints with the “obsession du jour”, be it a new mistress or muse, his love for the drama of bullfighting or his eternal fascination for classical art and mythology. He also depicts the artist in his many phases: a god, a lover, a voyeur, an evolving creature that never ages. The same topics come back to him throughout his life: each time Picasso adds new layers and works, until he conquers it.

Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue: Picasso - Modern Master Printmakers III 
By the end of 1944, Pablo Picasso had produced 345 etchings but only 30 lithographs. This only altered with the liberation of Paris and Picasso’s first visit to the printing studio of Fernand Mourlot in November 1944. Picasso was immediately fascinated by the possibilities of lithography. He was equally thrilled by how easy it is to produce status prints letting him check the progress of the work, and the relative simplicity with which corrections and retouching work could be executed. The warm and friendly atmosphere prevailing among the various members of Mourlot’s studio then swung the balance and Picasso became a regular guest in subsequent months. In her book “Life with Picasso”, Françoise Gilot painted a particularly vivid picture of life in the studio at Rue de Chabrol: It was a gloomy, untidy, dilapidated room filled with stacks of posters, litho stones and general chaos (…). When Pablo came to work, he greeted everyone, shook their hands and addressed them by their first names. They showed him their exquisite treasures, their cut out pin-up girls, cycling champions and other popular heroes. They were a sharp-tongued but friendly lot, and untidy almost to the point of anarchy. 

We are inaugurating this exhibition with a vernissage in our gallery space on Friday, June 12 from 7pm, to which you are cordially invited for a glass of champagne and a first glance at the exhibited works. A comprehensive catalogue in two languages is published on occassion of this exhibition. Online version of the catalogue: Picasso - Modern Master Printmakers III

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