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Zhang Xiaogang - CMP II | 13.06.-18.07.2015

With ZHANG XIAOGANG we are continuing our succsessful exhibition cycle Master Printmakers and present with CMP II a fine selection of his rare printed works.

After we have highlighted the printed work of Japanese artist Murakami in Contemporary Master Printmakers I, we once again turn to the Asiatic region for Vol. II, in order to exhibit Zhang Xiaogang’s both exceptional and memorable work – for the first time ever – in Frankfurt.
Zhang Xiaogang is undoubtedly considered as one of the most important and internationally acclaimed Chinese contemporary artists and we are closely following his work since several years already. Finally this year, thanks to quite an effort, we are able to present a comprehensive overview over his work of the past decade and to publish a catalogue accompanying this exhibition.

(Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue "Zhang Xiaogang – CMP II")
A young man with glasses. A woman with plaits. Two young men – in uniform? A group of four, two men, two women. Yet, always: Faces. Faces, in most cases in a head-on view, and eyes. Eyes, which steadfastly gaze at the observer, arrest him and dare him.

At first glance, they are just portraits as we commonly know them; from visual arts, but especially from photography.

Only at closer examination, some kind of irritation arises. There is a mark on the cheek; elsewhere it initially almost seems as if sunlight paints sheens on a face. Then again, these marks resemble – quite profanely – pigmentary abnormalities. They appear like stigmata on these unwrinkled, flawless faces and disturb their – both literally and figuratively – apparent perfection and smoothness. 

We are inaugurating this exhibition with a vernissage in our gallery space on Friday, June 12 from 7pm, to which you are cordially invited for a glass of champagne and a first glance at the exhibited works.

A comprehensive catalogue in two languages is published on occassion of this exhibition.
Online version of the catalogue: Zhang Xiaogang - CMP II