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Helge Hommes - MORGENLAND | 21.03.-25.04.2015

MORGENLAND (engl. TOMORROWLAND) is the title of a group of works, which have been mentally conceived over the past years and have manifested in a concretized work cyle in 2014. By painterly, formal means, the questions “How do we want to live?” and “What could be different tomorrow?” become a central focal point.

After the successful One-Artist-Show at Art Karlsruhe 2015 we’ll be showing an overview of Hommes’ approach and examination of this subject in our gallery showroom in Frankfurt.
Paintings and objects of the last 7 years, which circle around the main topic by depicting themes like “landscape, forest, nature” as well as “man, portrait, urban environment”. Analyzing society before criticizing, life advice before regulation, his works are first and foremost artistic expression of a contemporary witness and observer of highest sensibility. Therefor his new works easily establish ties to the similarly atmospheric, reduced black and white Waldesruh paintings of the past years, which selectively complement the current work cycle.

(Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue "Helge Hommes – MORGENLAND")
"Painting, which discloses my attitude, which is charged with the question “How do we want to live?”, which, despite all melancholia and apocalyptic fears and allusions is filled with confidence ...which just is the way I myself live. The mirror of my self is painting."

MORGENLAND directs its focus towards the question „...what will be? “.
“...uncontrolled, exuberant, also rich and colorful growth”, painted as flora ...related to the WORLD? Loaded with fears, apprehensions and confidence. A look back or one ahead? ...back to the woods? ...back to the origin? In addition a look at evolution, at the social development of mankind, at a time after a nuclear disaster or prior one? In correspondence to a group of portraits of people who were lateral thinkers (my WE-FAMILY, from my MANIFEST).

We are inaugurating this exhibition with a vernissage in our gallery space on Friday, March 20 from 7pm, to which you are cordially invited for a glass of champagne and a first glance at the exhibited works. The artist will be present at the opening.

A comprehensive catalogue in two languages is published on occassion of this exhibition.
Online version of the catalogue: Helge Hommes - MORGENLAND