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Henri Matisse - Modern Master Printmakers II

The printed oeuvre of Henri Matisse is considered to be amongst the most comprehensive and distinguished contributions that were created in this field of artistic work in the 20th century. From Sept. 06 - Oct. 18 2014 we are showing selected examples from almost all decades and aspects of Matisse’s work.


Always contemporaneous to painting, sculpting and drawing, Matisse created more than 1000 lithographs, etchings, wood- and linocuts as single sheets, artistic cycles or illustrated books.
Since Matisse himself often was the publisher of his print works, the edition volume is usually fairly small (rarely more than 50). Considering this aspect, signed original prints by Matisse have become very rare on the international art market and accordingly valuable.
This is one of the reasons that has made us conjoin our efforts as art dealers, putting together the present collection of works and making it a travelling exhibition for our audience in London and Frankfurt. We are therefore able to show selected works from almost all decades and aspects of Matisse’s work: starting with the nudes and portraits from the 1920s, to the Odalisques that followed, the reduced aquatints of the late 1940s and the monumental “Jazz” series.

Gilden’s Arts Gallery and Galerie Raphael are bound by a partnership and friendship, which was already established by our fathers, the founders of the our galleries. We are pleased to substantiate and cultivate this friendship with this project.

We are inaugurating this exhibition with a vernissage in our gallery space on Friday, September 05 from 7pm, to which you are cordially invited for a glass of champagne and a first glance at the exhibited works.

A comprehensive catalogue is published on occasion of this exhibition.

The online version of the catalogue can be found after the click. The catalogue will open in a new window: Henri Matisse - Modern Master Printmaker