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Giovanni Frangi - Paradisi artificiali

“Paradisi artificiali” is to be understood as Frangis painted travel diary. From March 29th to May 3rd we are showing selected works of the past decade, which already had been exhibited at the ArtKarlsruhe 2014 in mid march.


“My painting starts out substantially on the reflections on nature: I work with photographs that I shoot myself, and these photos then become a part of my daily work as a painter, at a certain point forming the input for a new painting... I’m interested in forms, in the forms that nature suggests to elaborate on a form and to make it in its reality almost abstract.” (Giovanni Frangi)

We are inaugurating this exhibition with a vernissage in our gallery space on Friday, March 28 from 7pm, to which you are cordially invited for a glass of champagne and a first glance at the exhibited works. The artist will be present at the opening.

A comprehensive catalogue with essays by Aurelio Picca and Flavio Fergonzi is published on occasion of this exhibition. (In German only)

The online version of the catalogue can be found after the click. The catalogue will open in a new window:  Giovanni Frangi - Paradisi Artificiali